Week 13 Day 7 Cheater Day

I’m trying to go a bit light on the cheater day, because of yesterday.  But not having much success.  No booze so far, but a large package of Cheezies for breakfast, French toast with syrup, and at least one butter tart.  How can people stand this much sugar.

And of course I know how they stand it.  EVERYBODY here is fat.  I mean, really FAT.

Okay, a few of the younger guys and girls are still slender.  But nobody over forty.  Nobody my age.  Yikes.

Week 13 Day 6

Damn.  Still sick.  Head still phlegmed up.  Sweating slightly.  Feeling light headed.

I really should go for an early morning walk, but we’re driving away to Alberta today, after the grad ceremony for Chris.

I’m having a cup of really nice black tea for breakfast.  It has a smoky taste.

So we arrived at the family reunion and all good intentions went out the window.  I had about four Mike’s Hard Lemonade, a sweet pulled pork bun for dinner, sweet cake for desert.  And the cheater day doesn’t start until tomorrow.  Yikes.

I’ve been showing off my composite weight loss picture, with the feeling that it’s a lie and it will all go back on by the end of the summer.

Week 13 Day 5 another start

Okay, I’m still sick.  Still visiting relatives.  But I’m going to try to be strict.

In my defence of yesterday, I did not have a cookie.  And I didn’t go back for seconds.

Well, so much for being strict.  I had a can of salmon and an apple for lunch, but couldn’t resist sampling two of the chocolate chip cookies Ruth and Pat were making for the family reunion.  Then there was the two glasses of wine with dinner (spaghetti and tomato sauce), and the buttered garlic bread.  It wasn’t a pig out, but it wasn’t strict.

Week 13 Day 4 bad start

I had toasted raisin bread with butter for breakfast.  Not on the program.

Oh well.  It’s summer holidays and I’m trying to be good.  But I’m still sick and I needed some energy.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Lunch was worse.  We had a bowl of thick cream of mushroom soup, Campbell’s out of a can with milk heated.  Delicious and just what my cold wanted.  Followed by crab salad sandwiches made with the raisin bread, because that was the only bread in the place.

So not really terrible, not like I had a milk shake or anything.  But not on program.

But then dinner got worse.  Lamb and rice and salad, but I ate the fat and I had three glasses of white wine.  I’ve been bad.

Week 13 Day 1 Cheater Day

Since yesterday wasn’t a cheater day, really, I’m declaring today a cheater day.  We’re flying back to Canada.  I have little control over my diet.

No exercise this morning again.  I’m still very sick.  Breakfast this morning is apple slices with the last of my cottage cheese. Not a cheater day breakfast at all. But I am going to drink Breezers on the way to the airport.  We leave in two hours.

Things to do.  Must run.

Week 12 Cheater Day Not

It was a cheater day today, but I’m sick.  No exercise.  I just feel terrible.

We went out for dinner and had some chicken soup, gan jia li ji, su ji dou, and hua shang.  I am just finished off a bottle of huang jiu.  But I’m really a bit worried because we fly tomorrow and I’m totally stuffed up.

This is going to hurt.  A lot.  If past experience is any indication.

Oh well, there’s nothing to be done about it.  I’ll survive.  Most likely.  Though I don’t feel like it now.

All packed, except for last minute stuff.  Going back to bed.

Week 12 Day 6 Weigh in Friday

Ruth’s weight 63.1kg = 139.1 lbs.
starting weight 73.9 – 63.1 = 10.8kg. total weight loss or 23.8 lbs.

Zale 94.9 = 209.2 lbs.
starting weight 109.6 – 94.9 = 14.7kg or 32.4 lbs.

Time to get on the machine.

582 calories in 31  minutes.  Not great, but I got on the machine.

Okay, I’ve been good all day, but I’m off the program now.  Drinking ginger tea sweetened with honey.  I have a cold.  A nasty one.  And I’m flying home in two days, no, not two days, day after tomorrow.  I’m having fantasies of quarantine when I hit the Canadian border. Is the SARS panic over yet?  Anyway, I’ve got a vicious sore throat and the ginger tea really helps.  To heck with losing weight.

Week 12 Day 5 Sickness Upon Us

We had our teeth cleaned yesterday, and I was feeling good.  Ruth was feeling low energy and achy, and that just got worse toward the evening.  This morning I feel fine, except for a sore throat.  Ruth is recovering, but still dragging herself around like a zombie.

Ruth skipped the exercise this morning.  I put in only 575 calories in my 31 minutes.  But that’s enough.  The point is, I got on the machine.