Week 16 Day 5 Time to Stop Blogging This

Okay,  I think it’s time to suspend this blog for the rest of the summer.  I think I shall declare Phase 1 of the body transplant program completed.

I’ll pick this up again in September with the beginning of Phase 2.   Then I’ll have a 7 week countdown to my birthday.  Hopefully whatever weight gain I have over the summer can be undone again in Phase 2.

Week 16 Day 3 Very sporadic posting.

I’m still sick.  Still watching what I eat, but drinking too much fattening stuff.

Today is Tuesday, July 17, which I think is week 16.

Yesterday I drank far too much hot buttered rum.  It really made me feel better, but I’m pretty sure it will put the flab back on my belly.  Except for the ice cream and cake at the birthday party, I’ve been eating sensibly.  My belt is still back 4 holes.

These posts are becoming incoherent.  But I’m just trying to keep track of where I am with diet, time, and weight.  I probably should just close this blog until September when we are back in China and I can get serious about the program.  But whatever… I’ll check in now and then.

Week 15 Day 3

Obviously I’m not posting every day right now.  We’re in holiday mode and just attended Convergence in Minneapolis.  My first con.  Great fun.

I’m trying to make healthy choices,  but mostly failing.  for lunch today I had bacon and eggs and buttered toast with a side of refried beans.  Tonight I had a double scoop ice cream cone, far too many potato chips.  And the last of a hip flask of Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon.

I’m also sick again.  this feels like a relapse of the cold/flu I brought home from China.  The question is, can I get a grip and not undo all the progress I made during the previous three months.

Time to get a grip.

Week 14 Day 2 another cheater day

No exercise.  A part of a bag of cheezies while we drove from Toeville back to Saskatoon.  An incredible pig out of a dinner at the Brazillian All you Can Eat barbeque.

Breakfast – dry brown toast with steak strips.  Not too bad.  But from then on it was a cheater day.  I did avoid having any alcohol today.

Must get a grip.  Seriously.

Week 14 Day 1

Okay, forget this.  I had so much bad stuff today, plus lots of margaritas and assorted Breezers.  Apparently a family reunion is not a good place to watch your diet.

Starting with with two eggs on buttered toast with two strips of bacon for breakfast.  And it just went downhill from there.

Oh well, I don’t want this weight back on.  So tomorrow i go strict again.