Phase 2 Week 13 Day 6 Weigh in Friday

Dateline Wuxi, Friday, November 30, 2012

Ruth weight was unchanged at 63.1

My weight is down from 93.8 to 93.0  still going in the right direction.

93kg = 205lb 0.47873oz  Working my way down to the 200 pound mark again, despite my bad nocturnal behaviour.

 604 calories on the elliptical this morning in my 31 minutes.  Watching another episode of CSI.  It’s so close to being good, but when I hear one expert in forensics telling another expert something both would know, it takes the smart off it.

“No, the wounds were post mortem.”
“How do you know that?”
“No blood flow.  Her heart wasn’t pumping when this was done.”

This is so obvious.  Even somebody as ignorant as I knows that it’s easy to tell whether a wound was inflicted before or after death.  To tell that to a fellow forensic expert just makes it expository dialogue for the benefit of the audience.  Ruth came up with the simple solution: “How do you know that in this case?”

Phase 2 Week 13 Day 5 I’m Back

Dateline Wuxi, Thursday, November 29, 2012

I did 572 or something on the machine yesterday but didn’t record it.  The day before I did not exercise.  Just didn’t feel like it.

This morning I did 586 calories in my 31 minutes on the elliptical.  Feeling okay, but I’m glad it’s Thursday, last day of classes for the week.  Watched CSI while I exercised.  They try so hard to be interesting and intelligent, but really we’re talking pop culture low life scum in every episode.  Wow, where did that blast of judgemental come from?  Most interesting thing this morning was the super close up of a chigger drawing blood.  Maybe it was CGI.  Looked great.

I still feel like my belly flab pinch is getting thinner, though this may be an illusion.  I have not been strict lately.  Scotch every night.  Bad Zale.

Phase 2 Week 12 Day 7 Cheater Day

Dateline Wuxi, Saturday November 24, 2012

Okay, I’m buzzed.  No exercise machine this morning, but we did ride our bikes to Hui Shan and back, with a stop at Starbucks for 2 venit latte on the way and a stop at Auchan for groceries on the way back.  Scotch and caramel machiato topped off the caffeine and chocolate overload.  I’m toxic.  I’m going to bed.

Phase 2 Week 12 Day 6 Weigh in Friday

Dateline Wuxi, Friday November 23, 2012

No post yesterday.  Panda was visiting and I used her sleeping in our living room as the excuse to skip exercise.  We had beef noodles at the International Cafe last night.  Again.  And I drank scotch again before bed.  Just not doing this right, am I?

This morning, Ruth as 63.1 down from 63.6 but up from two weeks ago at 63.0

I was 93.8  down from 94.0

Both of us are still moving in the right direction, but not quickly at all.  And that’s okay.  I may not be losing weight, but I think I’m definitely losing belly fat.  I’m not pinching nearly as thick a roll in the mornings now.

Now it’s 11:30 in the morning and time for me to get on the machine.  Dental appointment at 1:30 again today.  Three more caps to get prepped.  Replacing the old stainless ones at the upper right side back with new porcelain.  I hope this is a good decision because it’s going to grind my teeth down even further.

603 calories on the elliptical machine this morning in my 31 minutes.  A good workout.


Phase 2 Week 12 Day 2 Feeling a bit better.

Dateline Wuxi, Monday November 19, 2012

Sports day.  No classes today.  I’m off this afternoon to get my new crown installed.  First I need to get on the machine.  I still have a cold, but it is feeling a bit better.

590 on the elliptical in 31 minutes.  Same as yesterday.  Watched the last third of Raiders of the Lost Ark and it didn’t get any  more intelligent.  Watching God strike down, yeh incinerate, the evil Nazis was absolutely disgusting.  And Indiana and Marion’s reaction was so blase.  Like, duh, of course God would kill the bad Nazis.  So where was God for the real thing?

My new crown was installed without incident.  It looks great.  I think I’ll get three more started on Friday.

Phase 2 Week 12 Day 1 Back on the Machine

Dateline Wuxi, Sunday November 18, 2012

590 on the elliptical this morning in my 31 minutes.  Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Amazing how stupid it seems now.  How could this ever have been a big hit?  Marion is a yankee, getting yanked for no apparent reasons since she isn’t disabled from the burning bar by the hero. Aluminium air-plane propellers cut steel wrenches as if they are made of cardboard.  A girl in a big basket can be carried around while on men’s shoulders and yelling for help, without ever thinking of rocking a bit and making it impossible to carry her.  Just stupid and sexist all the way.

I have a cold.  Nose has been itchy and running like a faucet.  Don’t have any antihistamines.  Going down for a nap after lunch.