Phase 2 Week 11 Day 7 Cheater Day

Dateline Wuxi, Saturday November 17, 2012

576 on the elliptical trainer in 31 minutes this morning.  About average.

I was bad again last night.  Too much huang jiu followed by a very stiff Campari and soda plus far too many peanuts and banana chips.  At this rate I’ll be fat again.  What the fuck am I doing.

We rode our bikes to Starbucks around 2:00pm and I had two, count them, two venti latte.  Then we went to dinner at our favourite little restaurant near the campus.  I had heated huang jui with ginger for my cold.  It wasn’t heated enough, but it helped.

Now I’m thinking of going out for a caramel machiato with scotch added.  We’ll see how well I hold up.

Phase 2 Week 11 Day 6 Catching Up and Weigh In Friday

Dateline Wuxi, Friday November 16, 2012

I didn’t post yesterday.  I only did five minutes on the elliptical, because I was short of time and had to make breakfast.

Today I did 573 calories in 31 minutes while watching the end of “Network”.  Still as topical as it was the day it was made, though the technology has changed a lot.

My weight is up.  I weighted in at 94kg.  Last week I was 93.9kg, exactly the same as the week before.  I seem to be edging upward.

Ruth was 64.2kd two weeks ago. 63kg last week.  63.6kg this week.

And yet I feel like my belly flab is still reducing.  This morning I could see fat cuts on my abs.  Not muscle cuts, but definitely a hit of contour.

I’m not sure what this means, or where we should go from here.  Tonight I’ve been bad again.  I have a cold.  That’s my excuse.  But I’ve had a lot of huang jiu, and topped it off with a lot of banana chips and peanuts and a very stiff Compare and soda.  Bad.  I will never reach my goals this way.

Phase 2 Week 11 Day 2

Dateline: Wuxi, China, Tuesday November 13, 2012

588 calories this morning on the elliptical in my 31 minutes.  Watching “Network” yet again.  Great dialogue and great analysis of office politics and business realities.  It’s a wonder any businessman can keep a moral compass given what they are doing.

Phase 2 Week 11 Day 2 At Another Day and Feeling Good

Dateline: Wuxi, China, Monday November 12, 2012

594 on the elliptical this morning.  Good, but losing the toxic energy of yesterday.

It’s so great to be free of toothache at last.  My teeth, since the last root canal, have really settled down a lot and my gum problems seem to be coming under control at last.  Maybe there is hope for a comfortable old age.  Now that I’m rounding the corner into my dotage.

Phase 2 Week 10 Day 6 Weigh In Friday

Dateline: Wuxi, China, Friday November 9, 2012

Ruth weighed in at 63 = 138lb 14.26oz which is down a kg from 64.2

I weighed in a 93.9kg = 207lb 0.23oz , same as last week.  That’s always disappointing, but not to be taken seriously.

No time for exercise this morning.  Had to meet Xiao He at the little east gate for another trip to the dentist.  They finished the root canal and took a mold for my new cap, which will be all porcelain. It’s been costing me a couple of hundred yuan each week for the past three weeks, since I started with the root canal.  Today I paid 3543.50 yuan = 567.286 CAD for the new crown.

Phase 2 Week 10 Day 5 First Up

Dateline: Wuxi, China, Thursday November 8, 2012

556 on the elliptical this morning in 31 minutes.  Coming down with a cold from the feel of my throat.  Gave up on Ferris Beuler’s Day Off.  Just couldn’t watch any more of that crap.  Switched to Sea Biscuit.  Great movie.  Beautifully filmed and edited.

I think the belly flab may still be shrinking, but it sure is going slow now.  I’d guess there’s still ten pounds just around my navel.  Of course there’s more spread out over the rest of this ageing body.   If I could just get serious and stop this late night snacking, I might have a chance to get my body to where I want it.  It would be nice to have it there for at least a few months, just once in my life.