Phase 2 Week 22 Day 2 Wrapping up Phase 2

Dateline Wuxi, China, Monday January 28, 2013

After a weekend in Shanghai eating and drinking anything I wanted, I was powered by toxins this morning and did 643 calories in my 31 minutes.

This may be the last entry for Phase 2 of the body transplant program.  We’re off for a month in Thailand the day after tomorrow.

I think Phase 2 was a failure.  Though I did managed to hold my ground, I never quite got back to my weight at the end of Phase 1, before last summer, and I certainly didn’t manage to get any closer to my goal of having a six pack for the first time in my life.

Phase 3 starts when we return from our winter holiday.  I’ll try not to go too crazy during the next four weeks, and I’ll see how serious I can be about renewing my vows when I’m back.


Phase 2 Week 21 Day 6 weigh in Friday

Dateline Wuxi, China, Friday January 25, 2013

No post yesterday.  Short of time and only burned a couple of hundred calories on the elliptical before packing it in at the 20 minute mark, meaning I did 11 minutes worth of exercise and burned 210 or so calories.

This morning, off the Shanghai.  No time for workout.

Weigh in:  Ruth 64.1kg

David 95.9kg up .1kg from last week and so still rising.  Damn.

Phase 2 week 21 Day 4 experiments in milk avoidance

Dateline Wuxi, China, Wednesday January 22, 2013

596 on the elliptical in 31 minutes.  Really hard to get on the machine this morning.  Had my oatmeal and banana breakfast first, and that may be why I felt so sluggish and slow.  Anyway, not a bad number.

Than I drank a jetpack of soymilk.  It’s too sweet.  500 calories in one little tiny box, so almost as much as I burned off on the machine and definitely not on the program.  I’m interested in substituting for milk products, but so far have not found unsweatened soy milk.  This stuff tasted kind of milky.  I rather liked it.  But I can’t drink it, or use it on my breakfast cereal.  Not with that calorie count.

Phase 2 Week 21 Day 3 wasted again and fat too

Dateline Wuxi, China, Tuesday January 22, 2013

594 on the elliptical in my 31 minutes.  But I’m feeling fat and shaky.  Late nights don’t go down well anymore and I was up until four this morning.  I’ve had enough sleep now, but somehow I still feel wasted.

Sigh.  If I can’t stick to the diet, at least I can stick to the exercise every day.  At least until we go travelling to Thailand at the end of the month.

Phase 2 Week 21 Day 1 Doubts Besiege Me

Dateline Wuxi, China, Sunday January 20, 2013

I had to ride away to the supermarket on my bike this morning to get some milk.  I’m not going to be able to give up milk products until I’m back in Canada, because I can’t figure out how to buy the soy milk substitute, though I know it’s here.

Yesterday was a half hearted cheater day. I went easy on the alcohol, mostly drinking huang jiu, which is fairly light stuff, though when I look at the bottles I realize I did manage to get on the outside of quite a bit of it, plus a nightcap of scotch.  Today I shall be pure.  At least I’ve been pure so far.

It’s now approaching dinner time and I haven’t been on the elliptical yet.  Must do that.

Well, no, I’m not going to exercise today.  I feel the need, but it’s too late.  Life got in the way.  We rode our bikes to the nearby shopping center again, and during our Chinese class we went for a walk to the campus fruit store and bank.  That’s all the exercise I’m getting today.  I’ll hit it hard tomorrow.

Phase 2 Week 20 Day 6 We’re Back

Dateline Wuxi, China, Friday January 18, 2013

No posts and no workouts for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  We were away to Nanjing to visit our friend Panda.

I feel like I really need to do something to get back on track with this program.  I’m gaining my weight back and seem to have lost my motivation.  Don’t know whether I’ll get on the exercise machine this evening or not.  Suppose I should, because I don’t have any excuse.

Phase 2 Week 20 Day 2

Dateline Wuxi, China, Monday January 14, 2013

I only did 21 minutes on the elliptical because I have to shower and get into a car to go to the dentist.  420 calories.  That’s okay.  I’m sweating and breathing hard.

Watched the conclusion of “Bowling for Columbine” as I worked out, and was delighted to see that Wolfram Tichy was the executive producer on that movie.  Way to go, Wolfram.  He was the guy who gave us our first buy for our first feature film, “Skip Traceer”, back in 1977 or so.  At the time he was a buyer for German television.  So that was our first sale, and it paid off our private investors, which was a first for any  CFDC funded film at the time.  the CFDC later morphed into Telefilm, in an attempt to abandon feature films and go where the money is.  Sad.  But I’ll never forget Worlfram, and I’m forever grateful to him.  Thanks, Mr. Tichy.