Phase 3 Week 3 Day 2

Dateline Wuxi, China Monday March 18, 2013

606 calories on the elliptical this morning in 31 minutes.

I do wish I could get myself to the point where I look forward to my time on the machine.  It’s not a bad time.  I get to think, plan my day, work out ideas, get inspired by possible postings.  And I do feel so very good when it’s over.  But somehow, getting on the machine is still something I have to make myself do, and do without joy or enthusiasm.  Working on it.

Both Saturday and Sunday were cheater days this week, and serious ones.  Saturday was my usual pig out on sugar and carbofats.  Sunday was a big wedding, and a serious lunchtime feast.  We did eat sensibly for dinner – poached salmon with rice and broccoli, and I did manage to resist or ignore the impulse to have a shot of scotch.  But still, unless I get serious about this, Phase 2 will not get me to my sixpack.  It will be just another period of watching my weight and beating myself up for going off the program.

Phase 3 Week 3 Day 1 Toxin Recovery Day

Dateline Wuxi, China Sunday March 17, 2013

No exercise yesterday, and no post. It was our cheater day and I cheated pretty big time, with three Starbucks lattes, raisin scone, blueberry muffin, an incredible buffet lunch at a five star hotel with all kinds of rich food, a soft icecream cone, and finishing off the spiced rum and quite a bit of scotch and a hot chocolate in the evening, topped off by a bag of M&M’s just before bed.

This morning I did 586 calories on the elliptical trainer in 31 minutes.

Phase 3 Week 2 Day 5 Grinding Along

Dateline Wuxi, China Thursday March 14, 2013

560 calories on the elliptical in 31 minutes.  Low energy morning.

I fell off the program pretty badly yesterday, eathinc hong shu pi (sweet potato chips) and shang mi (peanuts).  At least I wasn’t drinking, and I didn’t eat eat a shuza before bed.  Not that I can remember anyway.

Damn.  Why in hell do I find it so hard now to be strict with this.  I still have flab to lose and I want to lose it.

Phase 3 Week 2 Day 3 Oh Pook

Dateline Wuxi, China Tuesday March 12, 2013

Forgot to post yesterday.  611 on the elliptical in 31 minutes Monday morning. Not too shabby.  Blew off the program for dinner and made a 4 goose egg omelet complete with yolks, cheese, and mushrooms sauteed in butter.  Delicious but definitely not weight reducing.  Ate a shuza just before bed, which might as well be a candy.

This morning I’m low energy.  Only did 570 on the elliptical trainer in my 31 minutes.  They I drank the concentrated apple juice from Ruth’s apple sauce production.  Sweet.  Might as well drink corn syrup. What is my problem with sticking to my plans and reaching my goals?

Phase 3 Week 2 Day 1 recovery

Dateline Wuxi, China Sunday March 10, 2013

605 on the elliptical trainer this morning in 31 minutes.  Feel like crap.  Generally depressed.  Would like some recognition, but don’t feel I’m getting any.  Is that my problem?  I want… I want… I want to be special?  For chrissakes Zale, grow up.