Phase 2 Week 12 Day 1 Back on the Machine

Dateline Wuxi, Sunday November 18, 2012

590 on the elliptical this morning in my 31 minutes.  Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Amazing how stupid it seems now.  How could this ever have been a big hit?  Marion is a yankee, getting yanked for no apparent reasons since she isn’t disabled from the burning bar by the hero. Aluminium air-plane propellers cut steel wrenches as if they are made of cardboard.  A girl in a big basket can be carried around while on men’s shoulders and yelling for help, without ever thinking of rocking a bit and making it impossible to carry her.  Just stupid and sexist all the way.

I have a cold.  Nose has been itchy and running like a faucet.  Don’t have any antihistamines.  Going down for a nap after lunch.

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