Phase 2 Week 12 Day 2 Feeling a bit better.

Dateline Wuxi, Monday November 19, 2012

Sports day.  No classes today.  I’m off this afternoon to get my new crown installed.  First I need to get on the machine.  I still have a cold, but it is feeling a bit better.

590 on the elliptical in 31 minutes.  Same as yesterday.  Watched the last third of Raiders of the Lost Ark and it didn’t get any  more intelligent.  Watching God strike down, yeh incinerate, the evil Nazis was absolutely disgusting.  And Indiana and Marion’s reaction was so blase.  Like, duh, of course God would kill the bad Nazis.  So where was God for the real thing?

My new crown was installed without incident.  It looks great.  I think I’ll get three more started on Friday.

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