Phase 2 Week 13 Day 5 I’m Back

Dateline Wuxi, Thursday, November 29, 2012

I did 572 or something on the machine yesterday but didn’t record it.  The day before I did not exercise.  Just didn’t feel like it.

This morning I did 586 calories in my 31 minutes on the elliptical.  Feeling okay, but I’m glad it’s Thursday, last day of classes for the week.  Watched CSI while I exercised.  They try so hard to be interesting and intelligent, but really we’re talking pop culture low life scum in every episode.  Wow, where did that blast of judgemental come from?  Most interesting thing this morning was the super close up of a chigger drawing blood.  Maybe it was CGI.  Looked great.

I still feel like my belly flab pinch is getting thinner, though this may be an illusion.  I have not been strict lately.  Scotch every night.  Bad Zale.

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