Phase 2 Week 16 Day 5 Christmas Party Aftermath

Dateline Wuxi, Thursday December 20, 2012

564 on the elliptical trainer this morning in 31 minutes.

I was baaaad last night.  Too much alcohol.  A whole bag of salted peanuts.  Several fingers of year old shortbread.  Amazing the shelf life of commercially made shortbread cookies.  I think the machine may be the only thing that is saving me from utter decadent decrepitude.

I’ve been having leg and knee pain lately.  And yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, I was having pain in the left side of my chest.  I wish I could get my heart checked out easily.  I’m pretty sure it’s good, and that what I’m feeling is just acid indigestion.  But it would be good to know.  And then what would I do if I knew?  Change my diet and finally go full vegan?  Why don’t I do that now?  Sigh.

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