Phase 2 Week 16 Day 7 Cheater Day Indeed

Dateline Wuxi, Saturday December 22, 2012

Cheater day.  No elliptical trainer this morning.  Started the day with one slice of peanut butter and banana with butter.  Then biked to Wanda Plaza to Starbucks where I had the Caesar wrap and a venti latte, then a second venti latte and a raisin scone.  Then to Auchan for a soft ice cream cone and shopping.  After shopping it was Papa John’s pizza for a 12 inch half and half, all meat and something Ruth ordered.  When we got home we took the dog for a run and I got a caramel machiato heavily laced with scotch.  Had french bread and butter while watching Total Recall and eating French bread with butter. and drinking a Breezer.

Feeling fairly buzzed and toxic now.  But I’m going to do a taste test between my two cheap scotches.  Pretty sure the 55 yuan Glen Colt (aged 3 years)from Metro will beat out the 75yuan Great MaCaulay from Auchan.  Pity because Metro is so much further away.

Yep.  The Glen  Colt is much smoother, though the Great MaCaulay has more depth of flavour.  Both are drinkable, but I think the Great MaCaulay goes in the eggnog this weekend.

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