Phase 2 Week 18 Day 6 Rats, Weigh in Friday

Dateline Wuxi, China, Friday January 4, 2013

Did not post yesterday.  Did not exercise.  Went out last night and drank far too much hot saki while scarfing down lots of butter fried Japanese food.  Very high protein meal, which was it’s only good point.

Weigh in this morning:

Ruth weighed in at 63.7 up from 63.3 last week

I weighed in at a discouraging 95.4 up from 94.7 last week and an all time high since we started listing our weights on the white board and my lowest was 93.0  So over the holiday season and past it I’m up 2.4 kg  and that is not the direction I want to be going.  Must put the brakes on this.

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