Phase 2 Week 20 Day 2

Dateline Wuxi, China, Monday January 14, 2013

I only did 21 minutes on the elliptical because I have to shower and get into a car to go to the dentist.  420 calories.  That’s okay.  I’m sweating and breathing hard.

Watched the conclusion of “Bowling for Columbine” as I worked out, and was delighted to see that Wolfram Tichy was the executive producer on that movie.  Way to go, Wolfram.  He was the guy who gave us our first buy for our first feature film, “Skip Traceer”, back in 1977 or so.  At the time he was a buyer for German television.  So that was our first sale, and it paid off our private investors, which was a first for any  CFDC funded film at the time.  the CFDC later morphed into Telefilm, in an attempt to abandon feature films and go where the money is.  Sad.  But I’ll never forget Worlfram, and I’m forever grateful to him.  Thanks, Mr. Tichy.

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