Phase 2 week 21 Day 4 experiments in milk avoidance

Dateline Wuxi, China, Wednesday January 22, 2013

596 on the elliptical in 31 minutes.  Really hard to get on the machine this morning.  Had my oatmeal and banana breakfast first, and that may be why I felt so sluggish and slow.  Anyway, not a bad number.

Than I drank a jetpack of soymilk.  It’s too sweet.  500 calories in one little tiny box, so almost as much as I burned off on the machine and definitely not on the program.  I’m interested in substituting for milk products, but so far have not found unsweatened soy milk.  This stuff tasted kind of milky.  I rather liked it.  But I can’t drink it, or use it on my breakfast cereal.  Not with that calorie count.

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