Phase 3 Week 5 Day 1 morning exercise is over

Dateline Wuxi, China, Sunday March 31, 2013

That’s it for the elliptical trainer.  This morning it finally broke.  It’s been running rough lately, as noted in previous posts.  But this morning it started making a scraping sound and then with the noise of a spring breaking loos and a snap it suddenly went to zero resistance.

I took it apart and discovered that the belt connecting the main wheel to the resistance wheel had broken.  It’s probably impossible to replace the belt, and we’re not going to spend any money on repairs since we’re leaving China in three months and will not take the machine with us.  So that’s most likely it.  We may make a phone call to see if we can find a belt, but… not likely.

Don’t know whether to be happy or sad.  I have been hating that machine for some time.  The computer is so difficult to set, because half the buttons don’t do anything when you ask them to, and it’s been running rough.

Today we rode our bikes to Wanda Plaza and back, with a stop at Auchan shopping centre for groceries.  I worked up a sweat and was breathing hard.  That’s over an hour of bike riding, so it’s probably equivalent to whatever I would have done on the elliptical trainer.


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