Phase 3 Week 4 Day 6 We’re back and weigh in Friday.

Dateline Wuxi, China, Friday April 5, 2013

We missed a couple of days of exercise since the machine went dead.  Yesterday we rode our bikes to Auchan for groceries, which probably makes up for a lock of the elliptical trainer.

Yesterday the repair guys showed up and put a new belt on the elliptical trainer.  I was really surprised at how fast this happened.  They charged us 119 RMB, about $20 Canadian, and they were here for well over an hour.  Unfortunately, the firsts time they put the machine back together, the computer wouldn’t work properly.  It would go up to full resistance, then drop down to a fraction of that, then drop down completely.  They took it apart again, trying to find the problem but finally had to give up.  I told them not to worry about it.

I set up the machine for full resistance, then pulled it’s plug.  So it works fine as an exercise machine now, except it doesn’t tell us our time or calories burned.  We can live with that.  The iPad has a great timer on it and I’m just going to assume that if I breath hard and sweat a lot I’m probably burning enough calories.

So, 31 minutes on the elliptical trainer this morning, burning about 600 calories or so.

Weigh in today was disappointing again.  I’m back up to 97.2 from 96ykg. last week.

Ruth is up to 64.4 from 63.4kg. last week.

Not surprising given that we’ve both been eating French bread with butter with our lunch soup, and I’ve been snacking on hong shu pian (sweet potato chips) and peanuts in the evening, washed down with far too much scotch.  I’m not going to say it…not going to say it…. oh damn.  I must get strict with the program again.  I must.  I know this.  Why did I have to say it?


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