Week 2 Day 5

Thursday morning.  Tomorrow is cheater day eve.

This morning I did 561 calories in my 31 minutes on the elliptical.  Not working too hard, but still worked up a good sweat and got my heart rate up.

Breakfast:  leftover tofu and greens from supper, steamed in the fry pan with some rice and a small amount of skinless chicken breast.  Dash of soy.  It’s starting to be the standard breakfast.  Must seek variety.

Hey,  I just tightened my belt to the third hole from the tip.  What?  It still feels a bit tight in that hole, and I’m sure I’ll relax it to the second again hole soon.  But again, hard data that this program is effective very quickly.

I’d like to hear from Elaine.  How are you doing, Elaine?  Ruth says she’s going to start needing a belt with her trousers.  Oh there Elaine is, in the comments.  She’s having a bit of trouble getting started.  Too bad she isn’t closer.  Ruth and I give each other great support.

Okay, today I had the white of a hardboiled egg as a snack before lunch. (GouGou the dog is making out like a bandit on egg yolks.)  Lunch was chicken soup over rice with bean salad.

After class Ruth and I stopped by the fruit store and each had a section of durian.  Lots of sugar there, but all natural at least.  I bought three bananas and had one when I got home.

Dinner was a whole can of salmon each, with rice and steamed broccoli.  A few fork fulls of the bean salad went into it too.

I’m really starting to feel the difference at my belt line.  I’ve had it cinched in to the third hole from the top all afternoon, and have felt quite comfortable with that.  Very gratifying.  Tomorrow is weigh in and photographs day.  Looking forward to seeing what progress I’ve made, and trying not to get my hopes up too high.

5 thoughts on “Week 2 Day 5

  1. OK. Not good. I didnt take the time to do the proper grocery shopping berfore i started. So I didnt have chicken breasts only some drumsticks from the freezer. I ran out and had meals that were too heavily weighted in the carb direction. Also, i need smaller portions than you. I think a fist of carbs is too much. During the mid morning between class break what does one eat? Would an apple suffice? (no protein). I think that is what I will do. Today i had a long teaching day out at our other campus which meant that i didnt get back till nearly 2pm and fell hungrily on some fried chicken being sold at a place nearby (like KFC aaaaggghh) which I ate with some fresh pineapple. So I decided to make this my cheater day even though i havent earned one yet (only 3 days!). This weekend we have a school trip to a hot springs spa and we have to bring our bathing suits (Oh my god!). I think I have to start this whole thing afresh tomorrow morning and will keep to no fried, no sugar, and small portions of carbs on the weekend and water water water. We will be doing some hiking on Sunday. Sorry. I’m not publishing my weight or my photos on the internet. I’m not as brave as you. Elaine

  2. Belt? If I wore a belt now I’d look like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle.
    I think there’s something wrong with my bathroom scales. Or could it really be me?

  3. OK No it wont be a cheater day. I havent earned it and it wasnt that enjoyable. I had a handful of nuts later on this afternoon. Now i feel like i want to drink green tea and or hot water and not much else. I guess i’ll have to have something before going to bed, maybe a glass of unsweetened soy milk. And back on the wagon tomorrow morning. No class tomorrow. Will go off to WuMei to buy lots of chicken breasts and veg.

    • I had quite a bit of time to prepare myself for this program, both mentally and with supplies. Go easy on yourself. Do some shopping. I look forward to hearing about your progress. But I do wish you would give me your weight so we could track it. If you don’t want to do that, you should at least track it yourself. It’s important motivation, seeing progress.

  4. By the way, nobody is reading this blog. I don’t think anybody knows about it yet. And if they are reading it, what are the chances of them knowing you? So don’t be too worried about revealing details.
    In my case, it isn’t bravery. It’s that I don’t really care what others think of me. Really.

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