Cheater Day 2

Okay, I’m over it.   The thing about my weigh in last night that is.   I remember now, the last time I went on the body transplant program, I never even looked at my weight.  It fluctuates wildly, and simply doesn’t matter.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  We are changing shape.  I can see that in my belly profile.  So I’ll continue to do the weigh ins, every Friday, but I’m not going to worry about them.  No doubt they will ratchet down.

No time for exercise before we have to meet our driver to take us to the train station.  Ruth was up early and got on the machine, but I didn’t.  Well, it’s a cheater day after all.  I cooked breakfast.

Breakfast this morning:  sauted a whole mess of mushrooms with garlic and a bit of onion, then threw in seven large eggs and one large tomato chopped up for scrambled eggs.  Slices of French bread with Irish butter.  Mmmmm.  But I forgot to add the cheese to the scrambled eggs in my haste.  I knew it was missing something.  Darn.  Off to Shanghai to buy a banjo.

Back from Shanghai.  We stopped at Starbucks on the way to the train station and I got a vente latte.  I had my banjo by 11:30am, in time to make lunch with Lv Min and Simon at Zen in Raffles Plaza beside People’s Square.  Great lunch.  Dim sum.  Chicken feet.  Ginseng tea, more chicken feet and dim sum and pork with small bun like things.  Great tasty lunch.

Second vente latte at Starbucks on People Square, getting into the banjo while Ruth read her iPad.  Train home and back by 6:00, then to the International Cafe for French fries and beef with noodles and a glass of black tea.  Back home finished off our loaf of French bread and I’ve had a couple of glasses of inferior huang jiu, yellow wine.  Now ready for bed.

A good cheater day.  My banjo picking is coming along.  Lots of progress for a first day.  We’ll see what I can do tomorrow when I’m sober and awake.

Tomorrow I’m back on the program.

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