Week 3 Day 1

615 on the elliptical this morning in 31 minutes.  I can really feel the energy from yesterdays high calorie foods.

Started 2 more cups of brown rice and made 2 liters worth of skimmed milk into cottage cheese.  Refining my technique.  I don’t think I’ve been heating the milk hot enough.  This time I brought it very near to a boil.  And this time I added the vinegar one table spoonful at a time, so that I didn’t add more than needed.  It took about 10 table spoons to get the milk to curdle, but the result doesn’t taste at all of vinegar.  Also, I’ve accidentally learned how to make large curd cottage cheese.  Since the whey and curds were still quite hot when I put them through the sieve, the curds all solidified into one solid mass.  Then when I chopped it up I had large curds.  Salted it lightly.  I added a bit of whey back in just to make it a bit more liquid, and put the whey in the crock pot for soup stock later.

I don’t really have any ready protein for breakfast this morning.  I had a banana and a couple of spoonfuls of my new cottage cheese.

Feeling good for the day after a cheater day.  No hangover this morning.  I guess the two glasses of huang jiu I had last night wasn’t enough to cause one.  Not like last week with the sake binge.

My fingers are a bit sore from the banjo chording last night.  Surprises me because the banjo feels like a lighter string than the guitar, and I already have guitar callouses.  I guess I’ll have callouses on my callouses now.

It’s been an easy day.  I haven’t been thinking too much about this program.  Not really trying to drink as much water as I’m supposed to.  I find myself haunted by doubts.  Is this really going to make a difference?  But of course it has to.  It simply has to.  There’s no way I can maintain my current shape on this program.  I’ve taken a second look at the photographs.  I can definitely see a change to my shape.  It’s there, and this is only week three.  Have faith.  Give this time.

I’m off to bed.


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