Week 3 Day 3

575 on the elliptical in 31 minutes. Still dripping but I got on a bit late and now must get breakfast done and eaten so I can shower and get to class. Later for this.

Lunch today, soup, what else.

Ruth made a chicken drummette crock pot for dinner.  Veggies and chicken and potatoes. I think it had a bit too much fat for the program, but I didn’t slurp down the delicious juice and took a small portion.  Okay, and then I went back for seconds.

After dinner we had to go to a meeting.  I had two bananas and two large oranges, which means I ate a lot of carbs with no protein.  Oh well.  I didn’t touch the sweets at least.

Today I’ve again be beset by doubts.  Why do I do that to myself, the doubts I mean. It isn’t logical that I could eat this way and NOT lose weight, eventually.  And I’m not even concerned about weight.  I’m concerned about shape.  But I feel like after the first week’s dramatic results, moving in a hole on my belt, I’m not making any progress now.  Or am I just expecting too much too soon.  I don’t know.

Now I’d like a snack.  What to have.  I still have a bit of cottage cheese left, but I’d like that with breakfast.  An orange?  A banana?  A lump of skinless chicken breast?  Maybe that’s it.

Or maybe I’ll just brush my teeth and drink some more water and then go to bed.  Nope.  One of Ruth’s marinated chicken breast strips caught me.  Very tasty.  Very satisfying.

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