Week 3 Day 5

My how the week slides by.  Skipped exercise this morning because we had to invigilate the exit test speaking portion.  Don’t you just love that word, “invigilate”.  Somebody here must love it, because they keep using it.  In truth we did more than invigilate.  We assessed.  The invigilators were busy invigilating in the holding room, before we saw the students.

I’ve only had fruit to eat so far today, two bananas and an orange, and it’s five past one in the afternoon already.  I think I shall have some lunch before climbing on the elliptical trainer.  I’ve plucked away my free time so far today trying to get “Cumberland Gap” up to speed on the banjo.  It’s going to be a couple more days.

We’ve got a penciled in dinner date for next Tuesday, and I’m wondering how I will stay on my program in a Chinese restaurant.  Must think about it.

I went downtown today and got my teeth cleaned.  Painful, but I think it’s a good idea.  I’ve had a terrible time with my gums his past term, and just seem to barely keep them under control with the waterpik and scrupulous dental hygiene.

Finally on the machine after a one hour nap.  Felt very sluggish and bloated.  Still managed to do 565 calories in 31 minutes while we watched TED talks.

We had leftover stew for dinner, with a lot of greens and broccoli.  I’ve been plucking away on the banjo all evening, trying to get “Cumberland Gap” up to speed.  My left hand fingertips are fried.  Just realized I was hungry I peeled a mandarin orange, cut the orange segments in half and mixed them with cottage cheese. Nice snack and on the program.

Now time for more water and to bed.  Feeling good.  Feeling leaner, but when I look in the mirror I still have a long way to go.  But then it’s only week 3.  I must keep in mind that this is an eleven week program.


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