Week 4 Day 4

Rough night last night.  Woke up at four in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Feeling uncomfortably sweaty, but not bad enough to get up and have a shower even though I knew that would make me feel a lot better.  This left me feeling very unmotivated this morning, but I managed to climb on the machine and crank out 597 calories in my 31 minutes.

Ruth commented this morning that she is seeing a difference in my pot belly.  Good to hear that.  I want the pot belly GONE in two more months.

Gotta say one thing about that  elliptical trainer, it does make me feel good.  I’m just finishing my standard breakfast and I’ll hit the shower.

Not much more to say about today.  It went by.  After class today I ate the last banana.  Ruth cooked up a lot of Chinese fiber for dinner with a very small amount of meat.

I’m not being fastidious enough in my water consumption.  Must try harder to drink more water.  That said, we’re on the program with no cheating during the week

I’m going to bed early.  It’s only nine thirty, and I’m thinking of turning in.  G’night now.

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