Week 4 Day 5

Beautiful morning.  Good energy.  621 calories in 31 minutes.

I’m now rushing to get ready for class. Must hit the shower.  So many distractions.

I had great energy this morning, and we had a really good class.  I’m having fun “gamifying” it, and the students seem to be responding.

Now to lunch.  We put the left over veggies from last night into the soup, which is now quite thick.  And we’re down to the end of the pot, so tonight I’ll take some of our frozen soup stock and add cabbage.

We’re meeting Jin Bo at the cafe, and I think I will fall off the program far enough to have a glass of hong cha (black tea, specifically Liptons) with a glass of milk.  That doesn’t make this a cheater day.  Moderation in all things.

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