One Thing I Miss

There’s a lot to miss about my career as a journeyman film director. Chief among them is the comradery of the crew members.

A recent post by Moira Carlson in her sketch a day series told me that skunk cabbage are also known as bog lantern. That’s fascinating.  I love the smell of skunk cabbage and don’t find it at all objectionable.  But then I like the smell of durian, and I’ve known people who became nauseous to the point of throwing up when confined with one.

On one of our location shoots I had the crew van stop in Chinatown in Vancouver so that I could buy a durian.  When the camera crew discovered its smell, they decided to hide one in the grip truck as a prank. (an expensive prank, given the price of the darn things, and a waste of a great fruit).  That caused complaints to travel up the chain of command, and reprimands to quickly slide back down. Film crews can be so much fun, eh. I do miss that.

One thought on “One Thing I Miss

  1. Hey bud)

    Just started watching riccochet… then , somehow got here and read some of your enjoyable posts..
    anywho… cant talk now.. but… thanks 🙂

    P.s. final cut sucks.. (for me) you want something intuitive and fast, check black agic davinci resolve… its free and compared to fcpx, its a dream to work with;)

    Anywho.. thanks again… maybe we will zalk again, maybe not… enjoy your journey:)


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