Skip Tracer Fundraiser Screening

for the Universalist Fellowship of Nanaimo.

Where: Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo
595 Townsite Road, Nanaimo

When: Tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 17
Time: TBA

Admission by donation (suggested $20) with all proceeds going to charities supported by the fellowship, such as the heavy weather shelter.

Special Guests: Laara Dalen, Producer of Skip Tracer, and J. Douglas Dodd, Music Director of Skip Tracer. Not to mention me, Zale R. Dalen, writer, director, editor of Skip Tracer.

MC for the evening evening: Suzanne Andre, my biggest fan, who will introduce the guests and the film. Q&A with the guests after the screening.

It was a surprise to find I have a super fan on my home turf. Suzanne Andre, a member of the Unitarian congregation, remembered my film from its first release back in 1976 and has very kind words for it and me. This fund raiser for the Unitarians was her idea and she is doing to heavy lifting to get it organized.

I’m not worthy.

2 thoughts on “Skip Tracer Fundraiser Screening

  1. Happy to see this Zale. Sorry I’ve not been in touch. Will try to write to you soon. Things have been pretty chaotic. Wish you the best with this event. Wish I could pay a visit.

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