Week 4 Day 7 Cheater Day

I started off this day quite mildly, with a large orange cut up with cottage cheese for breakfast.  Did not do any time on the elliptical trainer, though Ruth did her usual.

It’s a Saturday, and usually we are not teaching, but this weekend we are working because they are giving us three days off, starting tomorrow.  Most of our students have gone home for the Labour Day holiday.  This morning I had three students and Ruth had four, so we combined our classes for a debate and everything went very well.

At lunch time we went to the International Cafe on campus and ate French fries.  I had a bowl of niu rou mian (noodles with beef) with two fried eggs added that was very filling. Then we came home and Ruth made grilled cheese sandwiches.  I had one, even though I felt truly stuffed by the noodles and beef.

We had a class this afternoon, but Ruth had no students and I had only one, so I invited her home to watch us rehearse for our performance at the wine bar this evening.  A very pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

At 6:15 we walked to the East gate to meet our driver, who took us to the Blue Bar downtown, where I had garlic bread and Ruth had a Blue Bar burger with fries.  We both had two tropical coladas, which are are thick ice-cream and Malibu rum drink.  Then we went on to a wine bar where we sang some songs and drank a lot of red wine.

On the way home I had the cab stop at a Starbucks and I finally got my latte hit for the day, plus a heated chocolate muffin.  Now we are devouring hong shu pian ( sweet potato chips) and I’m thinking of having another shower because I’m sweating.  It’s been a good cheater day.

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