Week 5 Day 1

Wow.  Here we are at week five already.  My how time flies when you are having fun.

Yesterday’s cheater day ended with a pig out on hong shu pian (sweet potato chips) and two glasses of very inferior yellow wine, that all going down on top of a Starbucks vente latte that went down on about half a bottle of Argentinian red wine.  I felt quite toxic this morning, a real “Get me back on the program.” kind of feeling.  Wasted a lot of time surfing the net and practicing my banjo this morning.

Finally got on the elliptical early this afternoon but only did 569 calories in my 31 minutes.  Still managed to work up a good sweat, and feel marginally better now.

I just made a new pot of brown rice and heated up the soup for lunch.  Need a shower.  Badly.

You might have noticed that I didn’t take any pictures on Friday, the day before the cheater day and the traditional day for photos.  Just couldn’t be bothered.  Every two weeks is going to be good enough.  I think pictures would show a difference, but not enough to write home about, or blog about, despite the supposed 15 elbow weight loss.

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