Week 5 Day 2 Back in the Swing of Things

It’s a day off because of the May 1 holiday.  I’m a little late getting started.

Ruth just got off the machine.  My turn.

Okay, 630 calories in 31 minutes.  Powered by frustration and anger, trying to get my Magix Movie Edit Pro `7 PlusHD to work the way it’s supposed to work.  I have it running now, but not without a lot of frustration and entering the 30 digit serial number at least a half a dozen times.  Bastards.  I suppose this is what I should expect when I buy a $69 software program that claims to do as much as Final Cut Pro.

Fabulous dinner.  We went shopping and I made another two liters of skimmed milk into cottage cheese.  Ruth poached up some salmon, made a delicious mixture of squash and potatoes in the microwave, plus lots of Chinese greens which we learned from our friend Panda are called 空心菜 “kong xin cai” (hollow heart greens).  Sprinkled with green onions.  Ruth also mixed up a bean and lentil salad with chopped tomato. Here’s a picture.

Our dinner April 30, 2012.  Delicious.

We just got back from a long walk.  Stopped by the fruit store on the way and bought durian for everybody for desert.  Perfectly ripe and very tasty. The rain started at exactly the point when we were turning back, but fortunately we had umbrellas with us.  I’ve just given GouGou a rinse.  She’s low to the ground and was very muddy by the time we’d walked through the village and back home.

I finished the day today with an orange with cottage cheese.  Very tasty and satisfying.

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