Week 7 Day 1

It’s Sunday and I’ve been sitting at this computer since about nine in the morning.  It’s now a quarter to twelve.  Haven’t eaten anything, and I must get on the machine.

I feel a lot less toxic than I probably should this morning.  Cleaned up a whole bottle of huang jiu yesterday, with our hot pot dinner, and then came home to finish off the inch or two in three other bottles.  It was a good cheater day.  Now… back on the program.

601 calories on the elliptical in my 31 minutes.  It took a sprint in the last two minutes to break 600.

Breakfast was freshly cooked brown rice, Chinese spinach which took some rescue work because much of it had liquified, the last of my last batch of skinless chicken breasts, the whites of two eggs with just a bit of the yolk of one that got mixed in, plus a dash of soy sauce.  Tasty.

I’m now cooking up three more chicken breasts for breakfasts to last the week.  I’m boiling them in whey.  Which leads me to my next thought.

I have refined my cottage cheese production.  I now put the whey back in the milk cartons.  It goes in the fridge and we use it for cooking instead of using water.  I hate waste, and the whey adds nutrition without adding any obvious milk flavour.

Time to hit the shower.

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