Week 7 Day 3

604 calories in 31 minutes on the elliptical.  No time for posting.  Too busy.

Okay, the day is finally almost over.  Let’s see what I can remember of it.

Standard breakfast – Chinese greens, skinless chicken breast, brown rice all boiled in whey with a dash of soy sauce.  I’m getting very fond of this breakfast.

Ate the aging banana at some point during the morning, or just before lunch.  Lunch was our soup again.  It’s very thick with veggies  and was made on a beef stock, so the meat is more a condiment in it.  We finished up the last batch of brown rice and I started a fresh batch.

I went to the campus veggie store before dinner and picked up some more Chinese greens, a couple of onions, four more bananas,  some kind of mushroom that looks like a thick penis, a package of mushrooms that absorb flavour and have the texture of beef fat when cooked.

Dinner was half a can of salmon each, with brown rice and steamed Chinese greens.  Nothing fancy, but I’m getting very fond of brown rice.

I just ate another banana for a late night snack.  I wonder how much those kinds of calories set back my weight loss, but I mostly don’t care.  I am losing weight, and more importantly losing belly flab.

Ruth was singing the praises of this program today, noting that she doesn’t feel hungry or particularly deprived,  mostly because of the cheater day.  That takes the curse off the program.  One day when we can eat anything we want really makes it easy to be strict for the rest of the week.  My only sense of sacrifice comes from those days, like today, when I really didn’t want to cook dinner and would have much preferred to say, let’s eat at a restaurant.  But that’s something I can handle.

I think my friend Goody, the vegan, would not approve of all the chicken we are eating, or the milk products, or the beef stock stew.  But I’m not ready to go vegan.

Okay, time to get to work on the Oppornockity Tunes home page.  It’s mosquito season again.  I’m getting eaten alive in my office here.  Must get my dian wen pai (electric mosquito racket that fries the bastards.)

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