Week 7 Day 4

Time pressure seems to be mounting as we near the end of term.

608 calories on the elliptical this morning in my 31 minutes, plus some time at the beginning when I didn’t realize I hadn’t started the timer.

Breakfast is the usual, same old same old, but I’m not tired of it yet.

Must shower and get to classes.

Okay, nothing much to report on the day.  Lunch was the leftover soup, as usual.  Very tasty and chock full of veggies as we approach the end of the pot.

I had another banana when I got home, the last of them.  Then Ruth cooked up a fabulous near vegetarian dinner – beans and tofu stir fry, a backed potato with the contents removed, mashed, and reinserted on the skin on a bed of cottage cheese.  Very tasty.

ovolacto veggie dinner

We just took the dog for her evening run and poop beside the bikes and stopped in at the fruit store for two bananas, some cherries, a couple of apples and a lump of durian.  And that’s it for the day.  I think I’m going to stop detailing the food I’m eating.  You get the idea by now.  It’s a simple diet.  I’m never hungry.  And I am losing flab.

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