Week 7 Day 5 Good Morning

603 calories on the elliptical this morning in my 31 minutes.

Maybe now is the time to explain the 31 minutes.  It all started with wanting to do 30 minutes every morning.  But then we started putting the iPad on the machine so we could work on our Chinese or read something while working out.  The iPad covered the numbers, so to make sure I got in a full 30 minutes while I got the iPad set up and working, I added a minute.  So 31 minutes is like a baker’s dozen.  It’s a baker’s half hour.  No, a workout half hour.  And now that I’ve explained it, it doesn’t seem worth explaining.

No Chinese greens in the fridge this morning.  I forgot to buy any yesterday.  So my breakfast is just brown rice and skinless chicken breast (that sounds horrible, the skinless bit makes it sound ugly).  I really miss the flavour of the greens.

Okay, the day is over.  Soup for lunch again.  I started a fresh soup stock in the hotpot.  We had leftovers for dinner, and then a meal of beef and potato and green beans after our Chinese class… oh yeah, I wasn’t going to detail my diet any more.  Not really much point because it is pretty standard now.

The big news of the day was that I accidentally cinched my belt in to the fourth hole this morning.  That’s obvious progress.  It didn’t stay in the fourth hole, because that’s just a bit too tight.  But I’m heading in the right direction.

We’re absolutely infested with mosquitoes.   Getting eaten alive.  Time to get the mosquito net up again.


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