Week 7 Day 6 Weigh in and pictures Friday

My weight this morning – 99.9 kg.  Just barely under 100.

That’s 220.2 pounds.

Starting weight was 109.6 so weight loss to date (which I keep telling myself isn’t important) 9.7 kg. = 21.4 pounds.

I’m not really up yet.  It’s only 6:25am on a day with no classes.  Going back to bed for a while.

Ruth is now up and has done her elliptical exercise.  Her starting weight was 73.9 kg and today she weighed in at 66.8 so she has lost 7.1 kg. or 15.7 pounds.  Way to go, Ruth.

I didn’t break 600 calories this morning.  But 599 is close, and totally acceptable in my 31 minutes.  We’ve been watching a great documentary on the Chinese revolution while I exercise.  It makes the time fly.

Okay, a good day over now. We just finished the photo session and here are the results.  I’m not looking like a teenager, or a movie star.  But I am looking more in shape.  I’m gratified.  This is only the end of week 7.

It's great ti seeb this kind of progress. There's a ways to go yet.The end of week 7 and I'm making progress.  Not there yet though.Tomorrow is a cheater day.  I’m looking forward to a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast.

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