Week 8 (already) Day 1

I’m feeling only slightly toxic today.  Yesterday was not a very satisfying cheater day.  I ended up working until four in the morning trying to get Garage Band to edit in some replacement verses for Tong Nian.  It’s coming a long, but I always find recording music a very tedious activity, and the editing software on Garage Band on the iPad is pretty lame compared to the software I’m used to working with.  Touch screen has it’s place, but precision work with words, images, and sounds isn’t it.

615 on the elliptical this morning in my 31 minutes.

I didn’t get up until eleven this morning.  It’s now a quarter past two and I still haven’t eaten breakfast.  Must get going.  Much to do today.

I’m proo freading a friend’s masters thesis.  Tedious work in an area not my specialty.  That’s one of the things that kept me up all night.  And today I have to get that done and also get my class prep done for tomorrow.  Aaaarrrrgh.  I need breakfast.

It’s now twenty to four.   I got caught up in finishing the proo freading of Wang Tao’s dissertation and still haven’t had breakfast.  That’s next.

Okay, had a shower.  Had breakfast (brown rice and chicken, since I’m out of greens)  and did some class prep.  Sent off Wang Tao’s dissertation with my revisions.  Then we rode our bikes to Auchan supermarket and picked up some supplies.  When we got home, I was hungry, so we made a snack of whole wheat French bread with tomato, cottage cheese, and marinaded chicken.  Mmmmnnnn.   Tasty.

Whole wheat french bread, a slice of tomato, a dab of cottage cheese, and a chunk of marinaded chicken breast.  Hard to beat.I find it incredible that we can have snacks like this, never be hungry, and still get a better body out of the deal.

A tasty snack.  Guilt free.Now I must get back to work.



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