Week 8 Day 2 601 calories on the elliptical trainer this morning and WordPress won’t let me edit anything. Go figure.

Okay.  After a night’s sleep and a reboot I can now get my cursor into this edit field.  That wouldn’t happen yesterday.

So I’ll just sign off this post by saying that I did that 601 calories in my 31 minutes yesterday morning.  The rest of the day was normal and uneventful.

Dinner was…. no, I’m not documenting food choices anymore.  It was good.  We’re never hungry.  I really can’t figure out how to split my eating into six meals a day instead of 3, because our day just isn’t structured that way.  But it doesn’t seem to matter much.  Maybe I’d shape up faster if I did it the way the program says to do it, but this is good enough.

On to a post for today now….

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