Week 8 Day 3

591 calories on the elliptical this morning in 31 minutes.  Woke up feeling like I really didn’t want to wake up.  Very nearly postponed my exercise until later in the day, because I really hate the rush to get showered and get to class.  But then realized if I didn’t do it now, I wasn’t likely to do it.  So we watched TED lectures while I put in my time.

I’m much relieved to find that WordPress is working again this morning.  I was planning on doing an off line journal if it wasn’t, and then maybe cutting and pasting the posts into WordPress once the problem was solved.  But this is better.  Assuming I’m not going to lose all my data by trusting the cloud.

Cooling down now.  Time for a shower.

Nothing much to report on the day.  During our lunch break we took GouGou in to update her rabies shot and get the paperwork done so she can fly to Canada with us if that’s the way the decision comes down.  Expensive.  1630 RMB.  But worth it to get it done.

I’m too tired to be functional.  Ruth is already in bed and it’s not eight o’clock yet.  She’s been feeling achy and flu like for a couple of days.  I’m going to join her.

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