Week 8 Day 6 Weigh in Friday and Cheater Day Eve

Ruth this morning was 65.8 kg. = 144.76 pounds.Ruth’s starting weight was 73.9 so she has lost 8.1 kg. or 17.86 pounds.  Way to go, lover.

Mine was 98.3 kg. = 216.71 pounds
My starting weight was 109.6 kg. so I have lost 11.3 kg. or 24.91 pounds

We must be doing something right.

I am looking forward to the cheater day again.  That’s tomorrow.  I have a bottle of huang jiu (yellow wine) sitting unopened beside my desk.  We’ve laid in four bottles of Breezer, two for each of us, our favorite summer drink.  I really am ready for another Tepanyaki grill dinner, but Ruth is generally not as keen on them as I am, so we’ll see what can happen.

I see the Breezers are already in the fridge, ready for tomorrow.  Ruth is anticipating too.  We’ve just had a discussion about Tepanyaki and have discovered one area of compatibility.  For Ruth it’s too soon and too expensive.  The alternative she has suggested – Chinese – doesn’t appeal to me.  Most restaurant food doesn’t even feel like food to me right now.  I think we’ve found the compromise.  We have some pork ribs in the freezer that are too fatty for a program meal, but just fine for a cheater day.  I’ll bite the bullet and cook on a Saturday.  Ribs, mashed potatoes (yes, with butter) and probably broccoli.  I can live with that.

I wonder how Elaine is doing.  Yesterday Jin Bo expressed interest in this program so I sent him a link to this blog.  I wonder if he’ll join us.  I wonder why I want others to follow in our footsteps.  Is this some need for validation?  I don’t think so. It’s just my natural tendency to spread a good thing around once I find it.  At least two of our fellow teachers here, no more like four, could only be described as morbidly obese.  I feel sorry for them.  It must be so uncomfortable.  I was just mildly obese and that was uncomfortable enough.  And it is so limiting, making just moving around into a chore, not to mention dangerous.  The word “morbid” should be a clue.  But I’m not going to go proselytizing.  People have a right to their own body image, and only resent it, or see it as criticism, if somebody suggests they could be otherwise.

I keep thinking about what Kat told us when I first met her.  “Everybody knows what makes them fat.”  It is really true.  I certainly knew what was making me fat, and the proof of that is the loss of almost 25 pounds when I simply stopped eating and drinking the cause of my fatness.  One of the great mysteries of the mind, for me, is the question: why do I continually do things when I know the result will not be what I want?  “To thine own self be true.”

2 thoughts on “Week 8 Day 6 Weigh in Friday and Cheater Day Eve

  1. I lost 3 kgs. Then I had a (very indulgent) birthday which lasted for a three day weekend spent in downtown Hangzhou. So I gained back 1 1/2 kgs. It has taken 2 weeks to get back to where I was (at minus 3 kgs). So, I’m taking it from here. On 7th June I fly to Sydney. Hopefully I’ll have another kilogram off by then.

    Ruth you are at my ideal weight now! I’m jealous! (I’ve got about 8 to go)

  2. I’m afraid to think about what might happen once I hit the end of week eleven. But I’m pretty sure I can keep from boomeranging back to my previous belly size.
    So discouraging to fall off the wagon and gain back what you lost, Elaine. And it will come back faster than it goes off, because fat cells are like bags full of fat. When we lose weight, the cells just empty. If we eat fattening food, the body doesn’t have to create the cells for the fat to be stored in. Those cells are there already. I’m told it takes years of proper eating for the cells themselves to be re-assimilated.

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