Week 12 Day 6 Weigh in Friday

Ruth’s weight 63.1kg = 139.1 lbs.
starting weight 73.9 – 63.1 = 10.8kg. total weight loss or 23.8 lbs.

Zale 94.9 = 209.2 lbs.
starting weight 109.6 – 94.9 = 14.7kg or 32.4 lbs.

Time to get on the machine.

582 calories in 31  minutes.  Not great, but I got on the machine.

Okay, I’ve been good all day, but I’m off the program now.  Drinking ginger tea sweetened with honey.  I have a cold.  A nasty one.  And I’m flying home in two days, no, not two days, day after tomorrow.  I’m having fantasies of quarantine when I hit the Canadian border. Is the SARS panic over yet?  Anyway, I’ve got a vicious sore throat and the ginger tea really helps.  To heck with losing weight.

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