Week 13 Day 4 bad start

I had toasted raisin bread with butter for breakfast.  Not on the program.

Oh well.  It’s summer holidays and I’m trying to be good.  But I’m still sick and I needed some energy.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Lunch was worse.  We had a bowl of thick cream of mushroom soup, Campbell’s out of a can with milk heated.  Delicious and just what my cold wanted.  Followed by crab salad sandwiches made with the raisin bread, because that was the only bread in the place.

So not really terrible, not like I had a milk shake or anything.  But not on program.

But then dinner got worse.  Lamb and rice and salad, but I ate the fat and I had three glasses of white wine.  I’ve been bad.

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