Week 15 Day 3

Obviously I’m not posting every day right now.  We’re in holiday mode and just attended Convergence in Minneapolis.  My first con.  Great fun.

I’m trying to make healthy choices,  but mostly failing.  for lunch today I had bacon and eggs and buttered toast with a side of refried beans.  Tonight I had a double scoop ice cream cone, far too many potato chips.  And the last of a hip flask of Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon.

I’m also sick again.  this feels like a relapse of the cold/flu I brought home from China.  The question is, can I get a grip and not undo all the progress I made during the previous three months.

Time to get a grip.

2 thoughts on “Week 15 Day 3

  1. Tip from someone who’s been there: don’t waste a single moment beating yoursef up for your recent food choices. They were yummy. Enjoy that memory. But remember “treats and splurges” are not supposed to be the stuff of daily life as they won’t get you where you want to go. So enjoy the very occasional treat and then get back on track with the foods that fuel your mind and body and spirit to be the best you can be. You have many years ahead of you (all the more for the path you’ve chosen this last quarter-year) and there will be ample wonderful treats along that road for you to savour — save some room for them!

    • I don’t beat myself up, but I am concerned about the slippery slope. Much has to do with the environment, and whether I’m tired or not. Right now there’s a bowl of trail mix within reach, and I have no intention of going on a hike. Somebody is always eating potato chips, or candy, or passing around something else that will make me fat again. And I’m sick. I’ve relapsed with a bug I brought home from China. Resistance to temptation is at an all time low. I can feel the fat going back on my belly, and I don’t like it.
      I’m also missing my 600 calories per day burned on the elliptical trainer. That’s not a lot, but it adds up over the course of a week, or a month. So I just need to get strict again, stop reaching mindlessly for that trail mix, or munching on those potato chips. I need to stop drinking the scotch that makes my throat feel better, and get back to drinking water. I need to save my savouring for the cheater day.
      Thanks for the content.

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