Phase 2 Week 4 Day 7 Cheater Day (undeserved)

Okay, it’s undeserved but I’m taking it anyway.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast.  Saw my sister off for Canada this morning at eight.  Followed by a magnum ice cream bar.  Beef with noodles and two fried eggs for lunch.  Classes over for the day (yes, classes on a Saturday due to the impending holiday that is now full on.)  I just had a gin and tonic and we’re off to a barbecue with the other teachers.

Tomorrow.  I promise.  Tomorrow for sure.

Okay, party with all the teachers last night.  Not too much bad food, just a couple of cheese burgers, but two Breezers and a couple of tall CC and Coke.  It was a cheater day all right.

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