Phase 2 Week 8 Day 6 Weigh In Friday

Dateline Wuxi, China, Friday October 26, 2012

94.4kg before the bowel movement.  94.2kg after the bowel movement.  Less of as difference than I would have expected.

Ruth this morning is 64.2kg.

Last week:  Ruth’s weight was unchanged at 64.6 = 142lb 6.7oz
I’m was down .8kg or 1lb 12.2oz from 95.6 = 210lb 12.2oz to 94.8 = 209lb

So today I’m down another .6kg to 94.2kg = 207lb 10.8oz
Ruth is down .4kg to 64.2kg = 141lb 8.6oz

So we’re both going in the right direction at least, though not as fast as I would like.  Still, going down.  And that’s good.  I haven’t been as strictly on the program since coming home for the summer.

My best weight before going to Canada was:  94.9 = 209.2 lbs.
starting weight 109.6 – 94.9 = 14.7kg or 32.4 lbs. total loss before the summer.

So I’m finally below the weight I attained before the start of the summer.

Ruth’s best weight before the summer was 63.1kg = 139.1 lbs.
starting weight 73.9 – 63.1 = 10.8kg. total weight loss or 23.8 lbs.

Ruth still has 1.1kg to lose before she’s back to the weight she was before the summer in Canada.

551 on the elliptical while watching another half hour of “Cast Away”.  Brilliant movie.  Brilliant writing.  And Tom Hanks in amazing.  I find the pace of the editing and the timing of the story points quite perfect.  It sure does take the pain out of a morning workout to have a good movie to watch, even if I’ve seen it before.



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