Things Start to Sound Terminal

I saw my family doctor this morning. I have all kinds of doctors now – a bone doctor for my knee replacement, a hand doctor for my thumb and arthritis, and two different oncologists for my cancer. But this morning it was my family doctor.

He registered me for palliative care, so that I will get any pain meds I need at no cost and will have access to a palliative care councilor.

He also got me to sign a No Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation order. So now if I have a heart attack they will just let me lie there? I guess so. As my doctor put it, “You don’t want to end up in ICU in an iron lung.” And I sure don’t.

Meanwhile, life goes on, for now. I bought a Rigid oscillating belt/spindle sander yesterday. I’m introducing Ruth to my wood working tools, so she’ll be able to use them if she wants to make changes to anything after I’m gone. Also yesterday, I showed her how to change and adjust the blade on my band saw. She’s going to make a bandsaw box under my instruction. That’s where the spindle sander will come into use. Next up, a lesson in using the router and router table so she’ll be able to make all of the moldings and trims that are still needed in our renovations. I have no idea whether she will actually do this after I’m dead, and I guess I will never know. But she wants to know how.

And wow. I finally found the hidden icon that lets me upload an image. Woot woot. Still angry with the nerds who keep changing my programs on me, but this feels good. This is a recent photo taken at the Port Theatre Fundraising Gala. Now that was a good night.