Day 1, Almost…

This was not an auspicious day to start my body transplant program.  At eight this morning (scratch the light aerobic workout before breakfast) our friend Wang Tao and his parents arrived at our apartment to take us to a day of admiring peach blossoms.  It’s Spring here in Wuxi (pronounced more or less like woo she).  The air is clear and warm.  Skies are blue.  It was a beautiful day.

I took my large water bottle along, sipped on it constantly, and at this point in the evening have imbibed about two of my allotted 4 liters.  But I also drank many cups of green tea, which is a no no for this program.

No aerobic workout to start the day.  What else did I do wrong?  Well, part of our day was a tour of a tiny country factor that makes sticky rice dumpling things filled with sweet bean paste.  I ate two of them.

They make 20,000 sticky rice dumplings here every day.

Qing taozi factory workers under Yang Zhan.

Then there was lunch.  I’m pretty sure that most of lunch was totally okay with my program,  except for the two bowls of soup broth my host insisted on me drinking.  They were like drinking straight oil flavoured with chicken fat.

Tiny shrimp.  High protein.  Should be okay.

I think the soup was okay, if I could have avoided the broth.

The rest of the lunch was heavy on protein, and I think it was okay.  I cooked dinner tonight – a steamed stir fry of mushrooms, a bit of lean pork, broccoli, and a Chinese green vegetable the name of which I don’t know.  It resembles spinach, except more fibrous.  I’m sure it was totally on the program and I could eat as much as I wanted.

Ruth cooked up a rice cooker worth of brown rice, which went nicely with the stir fry.

Now we are off to see if we can give away the bulk of the bai tuanzi, the sticky rice balls with the sweet been paste filling, at the Chun Hui Qing Nian Gong Yi Fa Zhan Zhong Xin (The Chun Hui young volunteers center on campus.)

I’ve had a headache most of this day.  Probably caused by the change in diet, low blood sugar, or caffeine withdrawal.  I can live with it.

Tomorrow I’ll try to be more strict with the program.  I do want to see some results.  I want to get into a light weight routine with the aerobics in the morning.  It will have to be a light weight routine because all I have is two dumbbells.  Six kilos of weights and probably another kilo of handle, so total seven kilos or about fifteen pounds.  That’s enough for a free weight workout in my present condition.

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