Week 2 Day 6 Weigh in Day

How fast the time goes by, and the weight falls off.  This morning I feel  like my belly fat is seriously reduced.  Looking forward to photography and measurements.  I think I’m shrinking.

No time this morning to jump onto the elliptical.  Emergency with data entry for my classes, and I must get some things done before 10:00am.   I’ll do the aerobics later.

Academia fires extinguished by ten o’clock. 583 calories in 31 minutes this morning.  Didn’t seem to sweat as much as usual.  Feeling good energy.  Definitely feeling marginally thinner.

Breakfast once again brown rice with leftover tofu and greens, about a quarter of a chicken breast and a splash of soy, all heated together with a bit of water  in the frypan.  I’m starting to really like this breakfast.  I’ll have a banana after my shower.

Lunch:  soup over brown rice.  Tasty enough, but short on protein.

I had a banana this afternoon, when we got home from shopping.  And this evening, Ruth poached up a delicious salmon dinner with snow peas, asparagus and new potatoes.  Very tasty, even with no butter or oils, and very light seasoning.  A bit of lemon juice on the veggies was about it.

My only regret is that when I weigh myself this evening I’ll be including about three pounds of food.  Oh well.  It’s all going to come out in the wash.

Weigh in tonight:  106.5  Disappointing?

My starting weight was 109.6.  Last weeks number was 106.4kg. So according to this I’ve actually gained a tenth of a kg., despite being strict on this diet.

Okay.  Don’t panic.  What’s happening.  I did eat a big dinner.   Water retention because I’ve had a lot of salt?  Expectations too high?   Scales wildly inaccurate?

But really, I’m seriously depressed by that number.

I was almost ready to scrap the photo session, but Ruth suggested we do it no matter how we are feeling.  So it was done.  Weigh in and photo session done between 9:40pm and 10:05.  I’m not posting the pictures.  There’s no point.  I think I can see a tiny difference, but it certainly isn’t enough to get excited about.  Sigh.

Okay, this can happen.  I’m sure I’m going to ratchet down.  But still. that is a bummer.  Big time.  And yet I feel like I’m thinner, my belt went in a hole (and then back out again).  Can a few pieces of durian do this to me?  Not possible.

Well, if this were easy, everybody would do it.  Tomorrow is a cheater day.  I shall comfort myself with Starbucks for breakfast and dim sum for lunch with Lv Min and Simon in Shanghai.  I shall buy a banjo and pluck away my frustration.


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