Week 3 Day 4

Skipping the elliptical this morning.  Unexpected day off.  We’re going for a bike ride to the ancient city of Wuxi, and then possibly to a dentist to get my teeth cleaned.

I’m feeling slender this morning.

Well, I didn’t get to the dentist.  A storm was threatening so we headed home at 1:30 and were home by 3:00pm.  That was a good bit of exercise.  We took some program friendly snacks with us – oranges, banana (for me since Ruth doesn’t like them), hard boiled eggs (we brought the yolks home for GouGou, our dog), and some skinless chicken breast with a bit of leftover greens –  which we ate in a charming little Chinese garden that was almost totally deserted today.

Ruth made a fresh cooker full of brown rice this morning, and left it steaming in our sink with the window open when we went off on our ride.  I cooked dinner.  A small amount of lean pork, onions, Chinese greens, garlic, mushrooms, broccoli with a dash of spices and a bit of soy sauce.  I boiled the meat, onions and mushrooms first in water, then added the greens.  Over the brown rice it was quite an acceptable meal.

I also made another batch of cottage cheese.  My best batch yet.

All in all, a good day.  I’m feeling slender.  But who knows whether that’s real or not.


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