Phase 2 Week 4 Day 6 Weigh in Friday

Dateline: Wuxi, China Friday September 28

I weighed in this morning at  96.3kg = 212lb 4.9oz
My last weigh in was  96.3kg = 212lb 4.9oz, exactly the same as last week.  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh.

Ruth weighed in at 65.2kg = 143lb 11.9oz
Ruth’s lasts weigh in was 65.4kg = 144lb 2.9oz
So she’s down another .2 kg.

Another day without doing the machine, and and and… We went for a walk and I bought a bag of hong shu pi (sweet potato chips) and a pita pocket for lunch. I had a gin and tonic this afternoon.  Okay, time to remotivate.

Dinner was off program again, and included greet tea biscuits.  I think it’s time to recognize that I am just not on the program.  How do I get back on it.

After Catherine leaves for home tomorrow morning.  She’s been a baaaad influence.


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